For most of my adult life I was terrified of flying. There were lots of reasons for this I suppose but no part of the inflight experience was more harrowing than passing through rough air. I absolutely dreaded the feel of it but more than that it was the unpredictability and the unknown. When would it hit? How bad would it be? Could the plane and pilots handle it? Over the years I tried various remedies to assuage my fear... I had to sit by the window, so I could keep a close eye on the weather and the ground...I closely watched The Weather Channel right up until boarding. As the years progressed and technology improved I tried various smartphone apps to monitor everything from cloud coverage and doppler radar to pilot reports. Eventually my fear of flying gave way to a genuine appreciation and love for it however my desire to monitor and predict flight conditions remained strong.

I created Flight Chop so that I could pull all relevant in-flight information into one easy to use place. While it is impossible to predict with certainty the amount of turbulence a flight will encounter, Flight Chop aims to make it simple to view all available data likely to impact your journey. Today you can view reports of turbulence recently shared by inflight aircraft and see advisories related to significant weather or other atmospheric conditions which increase the likelihood of a bumpy ride. In the coming months I hope to release even more interesting ways to monitor and predict flight conditions on your journey. In the meantime, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the ride!